How to Use ED&C for Amazon FBA Delivery in Chicagoland

ED&C Transport is a proud Chicagoland courier and transportation service serving the entire Chicago DMA. ED&C partners with many fba local e-commerce sellers and e-commerce retailers to transport their goods to the Joliet area Amazon Fulfillment Center. Whether it is a one time pickup or regularly scheduled merchandise that needs to be delivered, call ED&C at (773) 394-2727 for secure and prompt delivery!

courier delivery service to the amazon warehouse in Joliet,il

ED&C offers reliable delivery for FBA sellers to the Amazon warehouse in Joliet, IL.

There is an Amazon fulfillment center located in Channahon, southwest of Joliet and it is more than a million square feet. This new fulfillment center employs about 11,000 people full-time in the state of Illinois. The size is grand and it is said to be state of the art in design. Considering that Illinois has a relatively high unemployment rate, the Amazon fulfillment center is really helpful for the residents of the Greater Chicago area.

About Amazon and Fulfillment Centers

Almost everyone is familiar with the retail giant e-commerce store that is Amazon. Since Amazon began in July of 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, it has contributed to the demise to many of the smaller stores or the affectionately called “Mom and Pop” stores. Amazon has even had an effect on shopping malls and specialty stores like boutiques. A decrease in growth on anchor stores such as Sears and Carson’s that many small stores would set up near in order to benefit from the larger store’s traffic. One could almost say that Amazon, alone has had the largest impact on retail this century.

It’s evident that Amazon has had a hand in the change in the way we shop today and now they are changing the way we get our purchases and how fast we get them. There are 175 Amazon fulfillment centers around the world with 75 of them are in the United States. Amazon fulfillment centers are charged with fulfilling customer orders. In other words, Amazon warehouses not only store products but also serve as distribution centers where associates pick, pack, and ship orders quickly and efficiently. Amazon robotics, scanning machines, and computer systems in fulfillment centers can track millions of items in a day.

Amazon Delivery Services

independent courier service to Chicago amazon warehouse

ED&C is a local independent Chicago courier providing pickup and delivery service to the Chicago amazon warehouse.

Packages are delivered by Amazon’s personal trucks as well as other familiar couriers. ED&C Transportation can provide Chicago courier services to the Amazon Fulfillment Center as well. Amazon’s blue delivery trucks are marked by their “Amazon Smile” symbol. Sometimes they use private drivers, whatever it takes to get your package to you on time. Prime members benefit from same-day and one-day delivery.

Amazon began offering its Fulfillment by Amazon service in September 2006. This has allowed businesses the ability to store their products in warehouses in a network of Amazon Fulfillment Center locations and take advantage of Amazon’s infrastructure of customer service and product shipments. These third-party merchants were also given the benefit of Amazon’s Prime shipping service, allowing Prime customers to receive their orders from these FBA sellers within two days.

Amazon has even made it possible for private sellers to sell through them.

What most people only know about Amazon is that they can go on the website, click on what they want, pay for it and that it will be sent to their home in a few days. People who become employed by Amazon Fulfillment centers are impressed by the way the complex process works seamlessly. The employees find that they are encouraged to learn and try new things. They feel motivated to take advantage of all the opportunities given to them by Amazon at their fulfillment center. Though it is hard work, the employees say that it is satisfying because they feel valued.

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